Adventure Comics 266 - 1959 - 1st Aquagirl - Fr/G

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Adventure Comics 266 - 1959 - First Aquagirl - Fair/Good

The Super-Pranks of Krypto! (Superboy) written by Jerry Siegel, art by George Papp, My Favorite Gal (Sue : gag page), New Stars for Old Glory public service message written by Jack Schiff, Aquaman Meets Aquagirl! (Aquaman) written by Robert Bernstein, art by Ramona Fradon. I'm Going to Run Away from Home (Little Pete) gag page by Henry Boltinoff, The Case of the Vanishing Arrows! (Green Arrow) written by Robert Bernstein, art by Lee Elias. What stuff is Green Arrow making his new arrows out of, and why do they keep disappearing? Movie Mirth (gag strip). Cover Price $0.10

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